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I am a licensed psychologist with almost twenty years of experience within a wide variety of behavioral-health settings. I currently work in private practice providing telehealth services to individuals throughout southern California.


I specialize in providing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) for adults, children and adolescents with anxiety disorders (social anxiety, phobias, generalized anxiety, and separation anxiety), depressive disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), trichotillomania/skin picking, Tourette syndrome (TS), behavioral difficulties, and rage attacks. CBT focuses on ways that neurology, thoughts, and actions can contribute to problems, and teaches skills focused on thinking differently and acting differently as a way to manage problems. Following an initial evaluation session, we can determine together if CBT could be a useful treatment option. My goal within any evaluation is that you gain a better understanding of the problem(s) that you came in with, along with the advantages and disadvantages of various possible solutions.

I recognize the challenge in finding the right therapist. For more information on me, please take a look at the About Dr. Ewbank section. Also, to learn more about the treatments I offer for specific problems, please see the Treatments Offered section. If you are looking for information about Tourette Syndrome, I invite you to take a look at my self-help section, Guide to Tourette Syndrome. I encourage anyone considering treatment to contact me via phone or email to set up an initial meeting or to ask questions about my treatment approach. I look forward to speaking with you and hope that I can be helpful to you in navigating the process of selecting the right therapist.


Shawn Ewbank, Psy.D.

(424) 272-6989

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